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Who is Sabrina Vance?

Sabrina is the author of fabulously naughty books. Whether it’s contemporary menage, or sizzling office sex, she’s got you covered.

Where can I get her books?

You can buy them from all major e-retailers including Amazon, AllRomance, B&N and Smashwords. Look out for more titles coming soon.

Does Sabrina have a publisher?

All of Sabrina’s books are currently self-published. She is open to offers of writing titles for a publisher or cross-promoting with other authors.

Are the books true stories?

No. Sabrina would be very, very tired and would have no time for writing if that was the case. Of course, you will believe whatever you like 😉

Who creates the covers?

Sabrina is so delighted to work with some fabulous cover artists, as follows:

Anything She Wants: Willsin Rowe
Her Very Personal Assistant: Tara Shuler

Where does Sabrina live?


How can I get in touch with Sabrina?

Please use the contact page. Keep it clean. Just sayin’.

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